Our team

Seven professional and hard–working agents who are ready to answer questions and help choose the best insurance coverage for you!

Vaida Caplinskiene

Vaida Vaskiene

A very motivated new team member whose goal is to give the greatest customer service. Vaida will answer your questions about home and auto insurance.

Extension # 1

Direct line 630-410-2175


Sigita Savilova

The most loyal agent, who has been working with Vaida for almost 20 years! Sigita can help anyone who speaks Lithuanian, English, or Russian with auto, home, and life insurance. Not to mention the fact that she also can answer questions about home and auto claims.

Extension # 2

Direct line 708-590-2407


Vitalija Andrijauskas

Health insurance is a casual day in the office for her, which she always welcomes with a smile! Vitalija consults everyone who is younger than 65 and wants to purchase health insurance.

Extension # 3

Direct line 708-590-2364


Matilda Jonusas

A health insurance specialist who patiently takes care of the customers who are older than 65 and want to obtain health insurance or learn more about available plans.

Extension #4

Direct line 708-590-2396


Ausra Norvaisiene

Ausra not only helps customers with individual health insurance but also travel insurance, short-term insurance, and group health insurance. She can help anyone who speaks Lithuanian, English, or Norwegian.

Extension #5

Direct line 708-590-2398


Roberta Sazanskis

The youngest team member who is always putting her best foot forward and is eager to inform clients about important insurance news.

Vaida Caplinskiene Insurance Agency Inc owner and founder who is licensed in IL, AZ, CO, FL, IN, IO, MI, MO, N.C., OH, S.C, TX, WI. Vaida - a real insurance shark, that has been swimming in the insurance waters for 20 years!

Extension # 7

Direct line 630-257-2801