Dental Insurance

What is important to know about dental insurance?

  • Dental Insurance is a separate insurance (only very few health insurance plans offer dental coverage as a part of the plan)

  • Anyone can purchase dental insurance (even those who do not have citizenship, work authorization or a green card)

  • Dental insurance has a limit (insurance will not cover anything over that limit)

  • If you have a dentist you prefer and do not want to change it, you must choose dental insurance that your dentist office is accepting, otherwise you will pay more.

  • You can purchase this insurance anytime and it will go into effect the first day of the chosen month, (depending on the plan, could be a different day).

  • We recommend making sure if estimated cost will be covered by the insurance. You can easily do it by asking your dentist office to send pre - estimated cost to your insurance company for approval.

  • Very few companies cover implants and orthodontics.

    Dental insurance is beneficial because:

    1. Most dental insurance plans cover dental hygiene once per 6 months* (depends on the plan, could be more times);

    2. With every year of having dental insurance more complicated procedures are covered* (depends on the company and the plan)

    3. Preventive dental examination protects against oral diseases and more serious problems.

Can I quote dental insurance myself?

Of course, you can! Click the buttons and get transferred to the websites where you can not only quote but also purchase insurance!

Luckily these are not the only options where you can purchase dental coverage, for more options with other dental insurance carriers please contact our office!

What are the main dental insurance plan types?


  • Not so commonly accepted among dentists;

  • Can only see those dentists that take your exact plan;

  • Need to select a primary dentist.


  • More flexible;

  • You can visit dentists that are not only in-network, but you will have to pay more out-of-pocket than when you visit an in-network specialist;

  • It is not necessary to select a dentist, but it is recommended;

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Dental insurance for kids

If neither parent/guardian wants to purchase dental insurance for themselves, it is beneficial to ensure that the children have it.

  • Dental insurance for children is much more flexible, so it covers many more procedures;

  • Has no limit;

  • There is a fixed maximum amount that parents may have to spend on their child's dental treatment;

  • Most importantly, it is an excellent preventive measure that encourages children to take care of their teeth and avoid more painful procedures in the future, when the dental insurance will cover significantly less treatment costs.